03 Stream Of ConsciousnessChapter I: Stream of Unconsciousness (0:59)
Chapter II: The Secret Of Life (5:09)
Chapter III: Colours Of My World (7:25)
Chapter IV: In The Light (Instrumental) (1:23)
Chapter V: The Fallen Feather (5:50)
Chapter VI: La Vita Fugge (4:30)
Chapter VII: Versions Of The Same (4:38)
Chapter VIII: Through The Eyes Of God (4:31)
 Chapter IX: Shades (5:27)
Chapter X: We Are, We Are Not (5:35)
Chapter XI: Fool's Garden (Instrumental) (1:59)
Chapter XII: The Fall Of Reason (Instrumental) (1:50)
Chapter XIII: Out Of The Maze (6:28)
Chapter XIV: Identities (5:36)