04 The Perfect Machine1.    The Perfect Machine (7:58)
2.    1st Day Of A Never-ending Day (6:13)
3.    The Ancestors' Blood (5:53)
4.    Land Of Fear (4:25)
5.    God Is Dead (5:21)
6.    Rising Sun (5:23)
7.    Here In 6048 (6:32)
8.    The River (4:29)
9.    Now That You've Gone (5:59)
10.    The Needle Lies (Japan only, Queensryche cover)





A scientist officially announces the final discovery: the secret of the whole mapping for human DNA and molecular regeneration. This is the final step to the most unbelievable of human desires: thanks to these studies,in fact, man can be considered virtually immortal, as every sickness can now be easily cured and most of all, it is possible to make cells not stop renewing themselves as it generally happens in our life after a certain age. Getting old is something that mankind will easily and quickly forget!

This new condition brings the scientist to the certainty that God was nothing else but a mere invention, needed by men during their mortal lives, to give sense to an existence in which everybody had to find some answer to the big mystery of death.

Reality now is so much different, and religions, all as one, can be considered as a sort of primordial “prophecy” predicting that man one day, following his natural conservatory instinct, would find the way to stop his mortal condition. His thoughts go even further: that God men always adored – under different names and figures – was nothing else than a projection of what man himself would become in a distant future. Man is God, God is Man.

Reproduction itself was just a necessary act, needed only to guarantee survival to humankind and time to evolve up to the moment in which the ultimate target would be reached.

Here it starts a new era, the final era. An era in which “end” is just a meaningless word, and in which many of the things we have been used to, lose their reason to be.

Humankind now doesn't need children anymore, needs not to fear death nor pray… for God is Dead!

Even if it seems that God is dead, it's also true that all the world has slowly fallen silent, and this silence gets more and more evident day by day: men are no longer perceiving any emotion, there is no fear, no hatred, no love… not even the need for sex, as it only was a part of our natural instinct in order to survive.

What started as the final era of a new frontier became a never ending apathy, a terrestrial oblivion.

And then it happened that the same scientist who made all this possible so many years ago (a hundred? A thousand? Not even numbers and years had a meaning anymore) is the first one to feel the bitter taste of raw truth, until he finds himself – for the first time in his life – praying that same God in which he never believed and that he even dared to challenge in the name of the supreme right of Science.

He praises God to please bring back the world as it was before, as only God could do.

And so It happens…finally God shows himself, through his Angels…the same Angels that centuries ago sealed the Heaven's doors. Those doors are now open wide again, and once again God shows himself to humankind throughout the biggest present he'd ever made to His children: emotions...

Slowly the world follows its way back to the past, through a walk made of uncertainties, fears and hope, waiting for a signal that nobody's even able to identify anymore…until the biggest and most common miracle ever happened on Earth strikes back: the birth of a baby. It comes so clear that human body starts again to follow the rules of nature, and cells again start getting older and slowly stop to reproduce.

And so it begins, again, as more and more children come to life all around the world. We took back our path, that same path we entered some million years ago and still going on.

The only difference is we can walk now with that strong certainty we'd lost too much time ago: we are not alone…