03 Stream Of ConsciousnessChapter I: Stream of Unconsciousness (0:59)
Chapter II: The Secret Of Life (5:09)
Chapter III: Colours Of My World (7:25)
Chapter IV: In The Light (Instrumental) (1:23)
Chapter V: The Fallen Feather (5:50)
Chapter VI: La Vita Fugge (4:30)
Chapter VII: Versions Of The Same (4:38)
Chapter VIII: Through The Eyes Of God (4:31)
 Chapter IX: Shades (5:27)
Chapter X: We Are, We Are Not (5:35)
Chapter XI: Fool's Garden (Instrumental) (1:59)
Chapter XII: The Fall Of Reason (Instrumental) (1:50)
Chapter XIII: Out Of The Maze (6:28)
Chapter XIV: Identities (5:36)



Chapter I: Stream of Unconsciousness
The Album starts in a cell of an Asylum (madhouse)… A madman recognizes the song from the radio of a guard and starts singing, and recalls in a flashback the facts that have led him from his normal life to his state of madness and insanity…
Dialog between the madman and his Guardian Angel, representing our conscience…The album opens with a question that will be going on all along the story: what’s the meaning to push ourselves so far away, beyond the limits of our human conscience, was it worth the price?

Chapter II: The Secret of Life
The Flashback begins. Throughout a confused story the madman starts telling about his morbid and insatiable curiosity: he always wanted to discover the real meaning of Life, the secret that we all feel along our lives and that often we do not even dare to face too much deeply, so huge and infinite it seems to be…

Chapter III: Colours Of My World
Another step back in his life, in the time when despite of a “normal living” he was having, he was feeling anyway ungratified and unfulfilled. His Spirit was like a sponge with the continuous need to adsorb, without finding enough “liquid” to make him feel happy…Lost in this quest through his inner self, he was feeling the whole world slipping around him…

Chapter IV: In The Light

The frustration for not finding a reason to his living, and the anxiety to get closer to his aim bring him to take a decision: suicide.
When his souls starts to abandon the body, he sees a light and in there there’s an Angel telling him that his time has not come yet. He will be sent back, but soon we will finally have what he’s been so strongly searching for…

Chapter V: The Fallen Feather
As soon as his souls get back into the body here it comes his Guardian Angel, ready to guide him across the door that hides the deeper of all secrets, and that normally never opens to anybody before death. Here it starts his STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS, that will totally change his life (if we can still call it life). A Feather, falling from the Angel’s wings and standing still on him seems to represent the opening key to this door…

Chapter VI: La Vita Fugge
The trip has started, and in a moment of lucidity, coming back from that holy door, he still feels that the truth is not revealed in its entirety, and now he feels the weight of a fading time…time runs so fast that his fear is not to have enough of it to give him a chance to understand…It’s just a matter of Time, and Time is never enough…

Chapter VII: Versions Of The Same
The Guardian Angel appears to him once again. He’s ready to help him, 'cause that’s his Duty. He warns the man anyway: what he’s looking for is too big and impossible to be understood from a Human being, that surely has not been made to know. This is the reason why we are just asked in our life to have FAITH…

Chapter VIII: Through The Eyes Of God

We’re at the Zenith of the trip…Finally here it is the moment awaited for a whole life: now he can drink from the supreme Fountain, he can eat the fruit of Knowledge! Finally he will know…The truth is there, and he will see watching through the eyes of God, seeing what HE sees, feeling what HE feels.
In the same time in which this happens the man understand to be beyond the point of no return. So many, so strong are the emotions and the sensations that are filling him that no words have ever been made to describe this. It’s like if all the feelings and all the thoughts of the world and more would have melt in his mind, and turned into something impossible to describe and so strong to devastate his mind…

Chapter IX: Shades
This river of emotions is haunting him, taking posses of his body and of his Soul…The only sting he can still realize between all these shades is the vision of his Guardian Angel, that never left him and that will follow him till the end, always, even in this last, definitive and infinite fall…

Chapter X: We Are, We Are Not

Now he understands the reason why men are not allowed to know: simply because a human mind with a Physic and natural limit cannot keep all the meaning of Infinity. Talking with his Angel, he admit to know that the end is near, but he doesn’t regret for what he’s done. After all HE SAW, and he’s happy to pay the price.

Chapter XI: Fool's Garden

Slowly and smoothly madness starts taking possession of his mind.

Chapter XII: The Fall Of Reason
Last contact with reality has fallen. Now he’s totally into the deeper madness.

Chapter XIII: Out Of The Maze

A kind of spiritual testament.
Confused and with many passages about his life…a last desperate, furious and vain effort to avoid the un-avoidable.

Chapter XIV: Identities...
Epilogue. We are back to when the first words of this album has been told, the end of the flashback. Now those words have a simple and exhaustive meaning: was it worth the price? Yes, he saw and now he knows but how will he ever enjoy this? And with WHO, if there is no word capable of describing his experience? Sitting I an empty corner, in this empty room, nothing’s left but madness, and his Angel, that’s still with him and IN him: 2 identities melted in one, or maybe in nothing…